About us

  Our Company was established in 1967 as a corporation to supply SHIP DESIGN for all ship building companies requested by them. After 4 years, in view of the expansion of activity, corporation was changed to private limited company. Then, celebrated 50 years memorial after foundation in 2017 and now going on powerfully. Based on rich ship design experience through results more than half century, we are still developing as biggest SHIP DESIGN COMPANY in Japan and nowadays, our client will be not only restricted domestic but also foreign ship builders.

As for design example of foreign ship builder, started for mainland China and Taiwan. Then, under negotiation to develop for Singapore and Indonesia, etc.

 In near future, we will try to contribute development of ship design fields in the world by applying our experienced skill which has been brought up through Japanese ship builder for long time.


1.       Joint venture with NYK and Akita Prefecture for recycling energy enterprise such as ocean wind power generation, etc. (2022/02/09)

2.       Reported sale price of second-hand container ship 9-times higher than new ship


3.       Reported confusion about container ship operation at North America Western port (LA, LB, etc.) (2022/02/10)

4.       More than 60 orders of new ships in January reported, in these, vessels applied LNG fuel are remarkably increased. But only 3 cape bulkers for Japan (ordered by NYK).

Guessed the reason of so few for Japan why Japanese Ship builders are still hesitating because of present low-price condition (under unstable price at increasing side nowadays).

Future trend of fuel for marine transportation

a.       LNG・・Smaller CO2 than HFO, but not so effective and far from Carbon free                  Temporally toward Hydrogen and ammonia

b.      Methanol・・Same as LNG

c.       Hydrogen・・Difficulty for storage (temperature -253 ,or 4.5 times volume)

d.      Ammonia・・Applicable but problem for N2O and NOX and 2.7 times volume.

e.       Bioengineered fuel・・applicable if enough supply available